Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Painting of a Hero

Painting of VC Hero

I saw this article in the metro and thought that it was not only a great painting but it was a really emotional story of heroism.
The painting was done by Stuart Brown a military artist, and was commissioned by Cpl Bryan Budd's 3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment in Colchester to honour him. It shows him fighting the enemy single handedly, despite being injured and out numbered. Cpl Budd was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross.
I thought this painting and story put a lot of life in perspective...

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  1. Great image for an incredible action. The entire company had been pinned down during the fight and Cpl Budd had continued to push on killing enough of the enemy to allow the rest to come forward and keep the initiative. When they found him he was surrounded by dead Taliban with no ammunition and his bayonet out. A true warrior given a true heroes honor.

    Nice one Rebecca