Friday, 2 October 2009

Paintings by Jack Vettriano

'The Singing Butler'
Jack Vettriano is my favourite artist, as he manages to capture such emotion and passion through his paintings. Everyone interprets the characters emotions differently in the picture. I like the way you can get lost in the paintings and really feel what is going on. There is a real feeling of old romance, love and passion which comes through them which is often lost in a lot of more modern art and generally in todays society.
'A Very Married Woman'
Vettriano also manages to capture and represent those emotions which happen behind closed doors and most of us hide. Those of lust, sadness, angry and true love. This for me is another thing which makes his paintings so iconic.

'Private Dancer'
Whilst, the above painting is his most well known, he also has a large collection of much more deep, sexual and dark paintings which are less widely known.

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