Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Colour and Me

One thing that has always fascinated me is the effect that colours have on people. Whether it is to do with their moods or they dress in a colour to make a statement about themselves, whether colour is to denote an emotion or merely because that colour suits their skin tone better than any other I love the effect colours have.

Look at this in more detail - lets explore each colour.

Green is the most peaceful colour of all. Think about green! It evokes instant thoughts of forests and woodland, of green fields and perfectly mown lawns! Green makes people relax and unwind and promotes peace and harmony in a living environment.

Orange is the most energetic colour and represents excitement and enthusiasm. Orange was used in ancient times to heal the lungs and increase energy levels. Many interior designers encourage it for exercise rooms, but it has more negative impacts in other rooms.

makes a real statement. You always notice someone in red and it is a colour associated with some favourite occasions such as Christmas and Valentines Day. Red makes people think of special times- red roses for love, poinsettias for Christmas. Red raises a rooms energy and makes your adrenalin rush! It stirs the emotions and you never forget a "Lady in Red"

So onto my next colour - blue! Blue flowers can be found at both spectrums of emotion! Wedding flowers often contain delphiniums, veronica, sea holly and wisteria whilst at funerals you can find such flowers as lilies or iris. Dark blue can evoke feelings or sadness whilst sky blues create a feeling of calm and relaxation.

in the flower world mean sunflowers, winter flowering jasmine, daisies, alstromeria. These flowers are cheerful flowers which bring a smile to a dull day! Yellow is sunshine and happiness but by reverse in studies yellow is not necessarily a good choice for a room decor. Research shows that people are more likely to loose their tempers in a yellow room and babies cry more! The main time yellow is an asset to a house is in a small enclsoed space where yellow can create a feeling of space! And yellow is also a tiring colour - it does not create a feeling of peace and calm in an environment.

The neutral colours such as black, white and beige are flexible colours and whilst going in and out of trends do not have as much psycological impact as the others, although black is recommended in small amounts.

And so to the world of design - what fascinates me is why do people choose a colour? What does it say about them? Does colour affect my mood? Does colour affect yours? Does it make people buy things? Does it make people more succesful?

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