Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Modern Art- do you like it?

As much as I try, I really struggle with some modern art. We were always dragged round the Tate and other modern art exhibitions being encouraged to find something we liked to write an essay on back at school but I really struggled. The Louvre is completely different, to me that is talent, real art. But the following pieces i really cannot understand!

Tracey Emin 1998

R. Mutt 1917


  1. Sorry to disagree, but I actually like the 2 works above!! They are both works which I have researched in the past in order to enhance my experience and appreciation of art, and they have both contributed to the development as we know it.

    Emin's Bed, although pretty disgusting with the used condoms and dirty knickers, shows complete honesty and although its repulsive, shows her life as she was living it, and each piece displayed on the bed adds to the impression that the audience gets of her life at the time. I really enjoyed seeing this at the Saatchi gallery a few years ago, although I can appreciate why some people might not like it!

    Also, the urinal signed by R Mutt (is it a Marcel Duchamp, I can't remember?) is part of the DaDa movement, which was a movement which consisted of mainly anti-art works in protest at the standards in art after the war. There is tons of history behind this work, and numerous hidden meanings can be seen, such as signing it R.Mutt, (RM standing for Ready Mades, which is what this series was called as it consisted of ready made stuff). I just think its really interesting!!

    Sorry for writing such a long post too... :)

  2. Its not that I dont see it as having hidden menaings or a persons interpretation of it, I just dont think it shows true talent, and cant be classed as art or put in the same category as some of the amazing cathedrals or detailed paintings out there.